Lexus Dealer Case Study

Learn how TradeVue® helped Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta deliver a better end-to-end experience that today's customers expect.

About Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta

Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta is the only family owned and managed Lexus Dealer in Atlanta. The family not only owns the business but is actively engaged in its daily operation. Since opening their doors, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta has kept a firm commitment to our customers by promoting a low-pressure sales experience. The dealership serves high-income earners with good credit and provides no-obligation appraisals of vehicle trade-ins.

Dealership Type: Lexus
Market: Atlanta, GA
Customer Profile: Above average income, and credit score
New Inventory: ~300 Vehicles
Used Inventory: ~100 Vehicles
Employees: 90
CRM Tools: Reynolds & Reynolds Contact Management
Average Monthly Sales: 285-340

Looking For Better Results

As of March 2016, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta averaged 8 to 12 trade-in leads from their website with a popular 3rd party trade-in provider. While these leads typically were strong, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta found that the volume of leads and the high abandonment rate of the tool disappointing. Ed Borg, Digital Director of Hennessy Lexus, recalls "We discovered we had a abandonment rate of 99%, that was an awful waste of time and effort to bring those customers to our website."

Easy Implementation of TradeVue®

After being introduced to TradeVue®, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta decided to run the previous trade-in tool simultaneously with TradeVue®, to be able to compare performance results. Because TradeVue® is a CDK preferred partner, integration with Hennessy Lexus's website was seamless and integrated natively into the site.

Surprising but Impressive Results

In the first month, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta found:
    • Previous Trade-In tool collected 6 leads.
    TradeVue® collected 184 leads

    Watch the video below to learn more.

Simple. Effective. Engaging.

TradeVue is a powerful vehicle estimation tool that provides car shoppers an up-to-date value of their trade-in. Using data aggregated from multiple sources and hundreds of vehicle listing sites, TradeVue is updated fresh daily - not monthly or weekly like most valuation books. After providing basic details on their vehicle, including year, make, model - shoppers instantly receive the current trade-in value range of their vehicle from lowest to highest values without ever leaving your website. TradeVue captures valuable user data like name and email address, so you can follow up to facilitate the trade and get your customer into a new vehicle.

So much more, for a fraction of the cost of others.

  • Fully customizable
  • Retargeting w/ 30 day login cookie
  • Free landing page for use in email campaigns
  • Show trade-in incentives based on GEO location or zip
  • Trade appraisals in under 60 seconds
  • Vehicle of interest delivered to dealer CRM
  • Adjust tolerance levels for trade range on the fly
  • Visually pleasing and interactive